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inventory api

I would love to be able to determine product counts through the API.
This allows me to do things like automatically order certain things as they run low on stock.

We have different manufacturers sending products to a single warehouse and it is very tedious to have a manual process around checking that the quantity that was received was the proper amount, and that we aren't running low on things like packing slips.

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Shane Mitchell Scalable LLC shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Etiquette-Clothiers commented  · 

    We're getting a Shopify app developed. This app would enable us to sell bundled products on Shopify. But as we use ShipStation for fulfillment, we needed the API to support Inventory CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) or atleast Read and Update. So this feature would actually be great to have.

  • GoldInkTattoo commented  · 

    Exactly! At least give the access to pull the inventory counts from it!

  • John@screenprinterswarehouse commented  · 

    The ability to retrieve the qty Available (after allocation) and push that information upstream to my stores would be of great benefit.

  • George Carraway SunshineColdwater, Inc. commented  · 

    Inventory CRUD via API. (Create Read Update Delete). Need this to make the inventory gear turn :)

    Or, simply add the Stock property to the Product model so that we can read and change it.

  • Jacob Knobel YaDoggie commented  · 

    Yes -- this is absolutely key. Our integration depends on the API and without inventory access, we can't do some of the basic key things we need to be able to do.

  • Gardenuity commented  · 

    (This should also include viewing of inventory via the API)

  • Elisamuel Resto commented  · 

    It would be nice to have the ability to modify the inventory stock levels through the API. It is nice having it in the front end, but if it cannot communicate with anything else, it is half-useful to us.

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