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insert a tab that shows chronological order of shipments

Under the shipments tab there is no way to organize your shipments by time they were printed. For example, if I am printing a batch of 200 orders and the printer jams halfway through a label, I need to be able to see what the next label would be to make sure the printer didn't skip any when it resumed printing. The only option available now is to view the batch as a pdf and scroll through all the names until you find the name your printer left off at. Searching through a batch of 200 for a particular name can take quite a while and I am just looking for a more time efficient option. Endicia has it within their mailing log. When you open it up, there is a tab where you can organize the orders via print date and time which makes any printing errors very easy to fix. Including a tab like this within your program would be much appreciated and also practical.

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Warehouse Repeat Fulfillment LLC shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
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Thanks for your great idea! We’ll keep this in mind but would like to see more interest from other users before we pursue this idea. If you know any other users that are interested please send them here!

Also, you mentioned needing to scroll through names within the batch should your computer jam to find where you left off. To make this a little easier, CTRL+F can be used in the browser to search for a name, or the Recipient column can be clicked to sort alphabetically. I hope this helps!


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