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Please allow me to create multiple new orders at once from my existing customer list!

I run an in print newsletter for a club I run and I have to send out 8 newsletters a year to all of my members.

So its crazy frustrating to not be able to just check the box next to multiple "customers" at once and click the button "new order".

CSV file importing from my square space does not allow me to differentiate between who ordered a full run newsletter, a partial newsletter or just someone who ordered a singular back issue or who no longer gets a mailing as the tags I have in place don't carry over to the file.

Also your CSV important is not all that smooth of a process and is rather confusing but none of this would be needed if I could just select all or as many existing customers as I'd like having filtered out who needs what via your tag system that I really like and hit "new manual order" for all of them.

Typing in the name for 400+ people is an absurd answer to this issue too (what I was told to do by customer service).

A lot of people do subscription based shipping for anything from newsletters, monthly food/herbal/arts/supply mailing and I promise if you make this happen those of us that do would be over the moon about it!

Meaning these people are only placing one "order" but with this payment we are expected to ship out x amount of things over x amount of time.

If this doesn't change soon for pure stress reasons I won't be able to grow with your company much longer as I'm taking in 100-200 new members 8 times s year. That's a lot of names to be expected to make a single manual order for at a time folks!

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