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Shipping Defaults Box Dimensions for order more than 1

The shipping default box dimensions set at the product level get lost on orders higher then 1. It would be helpful on the product shipping default to be able to mark a product attribute indicating that it always ships in its own box.

For example I have product 1 set at 10 pounds with a 36x8x8 box. If I have an order for 2 of these items I want to see 2 boxes each with a weight of 10 pounds and dimensions of 36x8x8 at the time I create a shipment. Instead the system shows 1 box weighing 20 pounds with no package dimensions.

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Josh Keesy Kodo Kids shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • khilsgen7 commented  · 

    This would be helpful for products of a certain size/volume -- However, for us, too many of our orders with multiple quantity items will still ship together in one box if possible/practical; so more often than not, this would be counter-productive for shippers with many lightweight/smaller products.

    I do wish that the saved product dimensions would not be missing on orders where the qty exceeds 1 though.

    I don't expect the dimensions to be calculated automatically by any means, but it would save me a step if at least the dimensions saved for a single unit would be applied, so that I can just adjust it accordingly, rather than having to open the product details window each time to see what I have saved.

  • David Lange Legacy HFD commented  · 

    100% agree! This is especially true on imported orders through integrations where Shipstation bundles orders. If we get an order imported in with 3 items, we need 3 shipping labels - each with the product weight and dimensions we already loaded into Shipstation for exactly this reason! Please, please, please get this working! 40% of our orders are multiple box shipments and this is really a time killer!

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