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Customer Updates and Reporting

We are new to ShipStation.

The current process of updating a single customers information is unnecessarily time-consuming and overly complex. When a single change is needed in a customers record for their address, it does not make sense to be required to download a CSV and then upload a CSV to overwrite the data for that customer.

Please make it user-friendly not just programming friendly.

Thank you.

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jedbailey shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
under review  ·  AdminShipStation (Admin, ShipStation) responded  · 

Thanks for your great idea and for choosing ShipStation! We take all of our users’ feedback into consideration.

We’ll keep this in mind but would like to see more interest from other users before we pursue this idea. For now, please leave your votes and comments to help keep this discussion active. Being specific in how this would affect your workflow and how you’re currently doing it will help our product team to implement new features. If you know any other users that are interested please send them here!

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  • David Dean Sinewave Cycles commented  · 

    The current steps needed to update customer info are insane. Every other system I use with an address book or customer record allows you to manually create a new customer or simply update any field for a given customer. The CSV upload is great for a bulk customer import but takes way too much time for a single customer, and more importantly, is error prone, especially since there is no way to export the existing customer information.

    One proposed workaround is to create a fake order, change the customer address, and then delete the order. That's great and all, but you shouldn't require such a hacky workaround just to get something really basic like this to work!

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