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3rd Party Insurance Providers

At the moment, we can only insure our packages via carrier of our choice (FedEx and UPS) or Shipsurance. But unfortunately even with discounted rates from Shipsurance, prices are still too high and we like to be able to connect a different Insurance provider (3rd party)
This will save us lots of money and allow us to use a familiar and trusted service provider.

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Marc Abazari Ecorps shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
under review  ·  AdminShipStation (Admin, ShipStation) responded  · 

Thanks for your great idea! We’ll keep this in mind but would like to see more interest from other users before we pursue this idea. For now, please leave your votes and comments to help keep this discussion active. Being specific in how this would affect your workflow and how you’re currently doing it will help our product team to implement new features. If you know any other users that are interested please send them here!


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