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Export Batch as CSV

Customers can export pick lists as a pdf in a batch, but then they can't export them as CSVs which severely limits our ability to sort them. If we had the ability to sort our batches it would save us a ton of time.

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rockemjosh shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →

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  • csawyer commented  · 

    There have been people asking to export pick list to CSV or other spreadsheet format for at least 6 years that I've seen, with numerous vote ups and comments, yet each time it keeps being dismissed. There are all kinds of reasons people might want to have a spreadsheet format for picklists, does it really matter? If it's easy to do (and seems like it should be), can it just be done? For me, I've got a hot spot map that compares an xls map of my warehouse with a picklist to generate smart picking order, as purely straight alphanumeric pathing is rarely the most efficient path. It also helps me see my "hot" zones, which I can use to see if I want to reorganize sections to make my warehouse more efficient. But regardless, can we PLEASE have picklist export to spreadsheet availability? Look through the archives and see how many people have been asking for this and for how long, and how each time it is dismissed as "oh, but no one wants this, so we'll do more important things..." Clearly, if no one wanted it there wouldn't be continued posts asking for it after this many years.

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