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Support for Bundled Products / Update Inventory for Bundles

We have a few websites that sell products to wholesalers. For example we will sell a case of a single SKU. Each case has 12 units. It would be nice if SS could allow us to setup virtual bundles that deducted multiple units of a single SKU.

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Caesar Chu The Whiskey Ball shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • zinframesshipping commented  · 

    I would like to see the possibility of bundled product. Right now, if we create a bundle of items under one SKU, we have to look at another list to see what is in that particular bundle. As the individual items within the bundle do not show up on the pick list; it becomes more time consuming to pick our orders and creates more opportunity for error because we can't check off our pick list for each item that we are picking. We sell these items as individual units, but if our customers order a bundle, they receive a discount. The following is an example of what I would like to see:
    Sample Kit #1 7000XXXXXXXX
    All sold under the mother sku and showing up on the pick list. This would really streamline our picking process and eliminated time spent looking at various lists to determine what is contained within a particular bundle.

  • Ben S GSD Logistics commented  · 

    From what I can tell, this subject and several of the others under the "bundling" and "kitting" categories are all asking for the same thing. I would have put my votes here, but I noticed that the suggestion titled "give us a way to create a "bill of goods" for SKU's that are kits" is asking for the exact same thing. Hopefully more votes gets more attention.

  • Weiting He | Voltage Automotive Voltage Automotive, LLC commented  · 

    Please add "Bundle product" function in Shipstation inventory management like Magento, where a bundle product SKU breaks down into individual product SKUs, currently the Shipstation inventory system can not break down and pull individual SKUs for bundle products.

  • Kenyon commented  · 

    This is the one feature that is getting us really close to moving on from shipstation to another solution. How is it not a feature yet? It should be soo easy to split a bundle SKU into multiple child SKUs. PLEASE ADD THIS ASAP.

  • Jacob Spitzer YK Sales commented  · 

    Very much needed! We have multiple items that are sold individually and in bundles.

    This is the only feature that is preventing us from signing up and processing Order with ShipStation

    How is this not a feature that is standard? It is a pretty basic tool needed in this industry.

  • Michael Bulva SoloStrength Lifestyle Products commented  · 

    YES YES YES please. 100s of hours wasted trying to find this solution which should be simple to integrate here!

    Hello. I'm still really struggling with an effective and clean import of component product I sell on shopify to shipstation so it breaks into it's components. Is there still not a cleaner way to have a sku for bundle product come to shipstation, and have it properly broken into say 2 component sku's that make up the product so there are line items for each and proper shipping can be done and proper inventory tracking of the components? I'm trying to use so many different bundle apps and build in line items so zapier can read it and send and it's a HUGE trouble just to keep a clean looking single photo bundle item on the front of shopify store, and have the components (with height variant for example) properly sent to shipstation. I hope there is another solution now?

  • Devin Cox Exit Light Co commented  · 

    This is the only feature that is preventing us from signing up and processing some 4-5k orders a month with ShipStation. We sell 2 packs on Amazon but can't account for picking and shipping these orders with this very standard functionality. We would have to sign up for a 3rd party inventory system purely to work with this situation, print packing slips in that software, and then come back to shipstation to print shipping labels.

  • Brandegee Pierce Pirani Life, Inc commented  · 

    We sell bundles and individuals as well. How is this not a feature that is standard? It is a pretty basic tool needed in this industry.

  • Scott Duerk Lever Gear commented  · 

    Kits are a basic necessity of business. This should be a priority. You've been reviewing this since Sep 27, 2017 at the very latest. What's the status of this request?

  • zackfoxy commented  · 

    it will be very easy to send to amazon fulfillment as well

  • Katie Hooper Ship Naked commented  · 

    I would like to see a way to have a single SKU from a webstore import to ShipStation as two line items. For example a bundled product (one price for A and B).

    We have several items available both as a bundle and as single items. It seems foolish to pre-assemble these bundles as we don't know how many will sell.

    If there was a way for the bundle SKU to import as the two separate SKUs it would help inventory as there wouldn't need to be an additional location created just to house assembled bundles.

    Additionally, we work with several overseas depots, all with different inventory and shipping systems. Ship Station is used as a reference for them and I worry that because the bundle SKU isn't in their inventory system, an order may be marked out of stock.

  • John Dow Onyx Distribution Inc. commented  · 

    I'm sure we are not the only company that is wasting money and time having to utilize a 3rd party inventory software simply because you haven't added kits.. we sell singles and offer bundles.. it seems so simple to make an SKU have a bill of materials. I have to manage 2 things twice the work. Shipstation please listen to your users and roll this out. we beg you.

  • dsbranna1 commented  · 

    I have a portfolio where I sell systems that have parts (canisters, filters, fittings, documentation). I want to track the inventory of the pieces when people order the systems. Please add this functionality, then I can get rid of my archaic Microsoft Access based home spun solution!
    Thanks, Dave

  • Stefania Bolzan DELICITALY commented  · 

    Please, please, please add this feature. All our items are sold both individually and in bundles, this is really important for us and would make our daily work so much easier.

  • Kim DuBay DeckMAX commented  · 

    Very much needed! We have multiple items that are sold individually and in bundles. We would love to be able to have inventory automatically deducted instead of having to go in and manually do it! Please make this a feature!

  • JoeBeasley commented  · 

    Still hoping this becomes a thing!

  • Tim L. commented  · 

    This seems like a very simple solution and should be implemented immediately. Kitting is very common. Disappointing that it is taking so long. I may need to consider other shipping management solutions...

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