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Weight on shipped orders

Please show weight on all shipped orders!

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Katherine Lee shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Robert Mierzejwski Brew Hardware LLC commented  · 

    Right... the new format .... In the spot where the shipping parameters were to be set in the pre-shipped orders now has a nice looking shipment summary that you can page through for all shipments on that order. It does have some crucial things missing.

    For example, it lists SERVICE: USPS PRIORITY MAIL but I also need to see the package type. If someone calls us and wants to add something to an order that has already been packed and labeled, knowing if it's a small flat rate box or a large flat rate box makes digging through 100 boxes that much easier. We were able to see this info before the latest GUI change.

    To that end, I'd also like to see the weight and package dimensions.

  • bhrichard commented  · 

    We now need this too, since your recent GUI change removes the ability to see the last shipment configuration for an order.

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