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Automated scheduled product import from current running eBay/Amazon listings via API

Would love to see Shipstation do scheduled imports of products from current listings on eBay/Amazon automatically via the APIs.

We list dozens of one-off products a day. Currently Shipstation only imports when something is sold, or via CSV. Creating products manually or via CSV is tedious and redundant. We would love to be able to enter warehouse storage locations for products shortly after listing, so pick lists actually work when we get orders.

We are currently using Sixbit purely for storage locations and pick lists, as it does offer the capability via the API's. We will close our Sixbit account if Shipstation can add this basic functionality.

Example. We list item "A" on eBay, and "B" on Amazon. Every hour or so, Shipstation checks for new listings, and creates products from listings A and B. At the end of the day, we can see our new products, and just add a warehouse storage location as we put things away. A week later when item A and B sell, pick lists are functional, as the storage locations are already entered.

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Julian Dasher Dasher Deals shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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