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Need one or two customizable fields on shipping label when not creating an order

Shipstation is great, but, it should not require an order to be generated in order to get customizable fields on the shipping label or to ship third party. We create our orders in another program not compatible with Shipstation but we love to ship our orders using Shipstation. Why should we have to create an order twice just to get extra fields on the shipping labels? UPS Worldship and other programs have that ability. We depend on being able to enter: Quantity, SKU(s) as well as Invoice or PO # on the label so our warehouse can pull/pack and verify orders before they ship. Having this ability would make the Shipstation experience even better! There is a lot of empty space at the bottom of those labels :(

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Soraya Ferrari Riverside Alternator & Starter shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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