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Tagging / Segmenting by unique order item configurations

We had a large amount of orders that we needed to ship out in a 48 hour period. The customers only had 3 products to choose from and they could order up to 3 items of any combination of those three. We want to batch print each combination so that we can streamline fulfillment and are having trouble doing so with tags or automation rules. There doesnt seem to be a straightforward way to do it and SS support hasn't been able to supply a good strategy. For example, an order that contained two of product A and one of product B would include TagA and TagB and exclude TagC but there doesnt seem to be a way of differentiating between that order and an order that contains only one of TagA and one of TagB. We can batch print all of those orders that are either single, double, or triple, of the same SKU but when customers order a combination of the 3 products it seems impossible to batch those specific combinations of orders together. We have another one of these sales coming up and we would like to print every combination in individual batches. Any suggestions?

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