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Enable NAFTA eligible shipments info on customs forms to Canda.

As of right now I need to manually enter Canada orders through UPS Worldship in order for my customers to not pay duty fees...

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kretzmanntim shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Jesse Guarino Torque King 4x4 commented  · 

    Like everyone here, I need this as well. There are probably a significant number of users that could benefit. I figured a program this spiffy would do everything. After using SS for almost a year, I am only today learning there is no FTA paperwork being included with ETD/EDI. What a letdown! Thanks to the upset customer yesterday from Canada that was pretty upset he had to shell out extra $$$ just to get his package, I now know. Im supersized I have not been contacted sooner.

  • Gary Lau Rotomaster commented  · 

    This has been requested over 6 years ago. International Shipments are a major importance for us.

  • Michael Linquist Pack Animal, Inc. commented  · 

    I need this not only for NAFTA, but also for AUSFTA and KORUSFTA.

    Having Shipstation auto-populate a form template for the appropriate Free Trade Agreement with the HTS codes and applicable rules would be amazing, but for now I would settle to just be able to file a form I upload. Providing a way for users to upload the forms and have them electronically file with DHL or UPS would be better than nothing. Right now I have no way to transmit the form to DHL or UPS if the shipment is created in Shipstation.

  • Stacy Hefner BrilliantK9 commented  · 

    We too need to use UPS website on international orders. Please add this capability to Ship Station!

  • mikesjolie commented  · 

    We need this badly. I hate using fedex ship manager just to enable Nafta documents.

  • winrossjoe commented  · 

    We need this on our commercial invoices, or a statement like it. Without it we have to print paper and attach to our packages. I would recommend a SIMPLE feature to be added that allows for a custom statement somewhere on the commercial invoice. Then we could change it to the line below, or to whatever we wanted there.

    I hereby certify that the goods covered by this shipment qualify as originating goods for purposes of preferential tariff treatment under the NAFTA.

  • Flagship commented  · 

    Any update on enabling NAFTA forms for eligible shipments?

  • Asif Bandeali Fairdeal Import & Export Ltd commented  · 

    Even if we can attach a nafta document (pdf) to shipments, that would solve this issue.

    Our customers and us are constantly getting charged for duty eventhough the product is nafta friendly.

  • AdminShipStation (Product Owner, ShipStation) commented  · 

    @CComptonTheWhiskeyIceCo., there are not any new updates on the NAFTA forms being able to be generated from within ShipStation, but I will update you guys if anything changes on this!

  • C Compton The Whiskey Ice Co. commented  · 

    This is very necessary. We get complaints from our customers in Canada about being gouged with high duty fees because we can't enable the NAFTA statement.


    I hereby certify that the goods covered by this shipment qualify as originating goods for purposes of preferential tariff treatment under the NAFTA.

  • Nicole Boy Butter Lubes commented  · 

    What is the story with this feature? Seems necessary for anyone doing business in the NAFTA geography.

  • Ryan Neuville Concrete Countertop Solutions commented  · 

    This feature would be so beneficial, we're wasting time on our canadian orders without it. Our UPS rep told us that smaller orders (2,500 USD or less i believe) simply need a NAFTA declaration line on the commercial invoice. If that's the case it seems like it should be pretty easy to automatically include a line of text on the commercial invoices shipstation generates

  • Zach Smetts Glaspro Inc. commented  · 

    50% of our shipments head to Canada. Looking forward to getting this implemented!!

  • AdminShipStation (Product Owner, ShipStation) commented  · 

    Thanks for all of the updates, everyone! We are still researching NAFTA documents. If you haven't already add your votes or add how often you ship to NAFTA qualified countries relative to your other orders to help outline this business need.

    @Andrew1 - Welcome to ShipStation! Glad to hear you've found our Product Feedback forum. I talked to your Account Manager Kevin and it looks like you guys have already started a dialogue on this. He's going to be a great resource to help smooth out your workflow and to address any concerns you have.

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