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edit status mapping from bigcommerce

We would like the ability to manually edit the BigCommerce status' that are mapped as "Awaiting Shipment" in SS.

For example, we use "Awaiting Shipment" in BigCommerce for orders that we drop-ship, and "Awaiting Fulfillment" for orders that we ship from in-house inventory. The ladder being the only status' from BigCommerce that we want to pull into SS.


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Patrick O'Keefe E-Z Test Pool Supplies shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • David Cobb Hawaii Coffee Company commented  · 

    I would add that the existing mappings Shipstation has used are not the best options already available in BigCommerce.

    We already had an issue we bug reported (and I think was resolved) where a partially refunded order in BigCommerce (say to refund shipping or to apply a credit after the order was placed) caused Shipstation to mark the order canceled, which in turn caused the order to archive in BigCommerce. Partially refunded means just that - not "canceled so don't ship", just "we gave some of the money back."

    I would go a step further however.

    * I would like an order that has been confirmed to be delivered to update BigCommerce order status to "Completed." I only use shipping options with tracking but I suppose that would mean there would need to be the option to add a rule to automatically mark an order "delivered" for those who do have untraceable shipments.

    2) "Manual Verification Requested" currently maps to "awaiting shipment." While that is technically accurate, the point of the manual verification status - for us at least - is to be sure that an order doesn't ship without someone verifying that it should. We have to manually search for these orders now and then tag them in Shipstation, possibly putting them on hold. It is a very manual process to identify that an order in this category has come in.

    3) BigCommerce supports "will call" orders fairly well, and I am interested in building out that capability. I would like m yworkflow to be that a will call order gets processed by the fulfillment team using Shipstation. The statuses that Bigcommerce uses for these orders, however, are "awaiting pickup" (rather than "awaiting shpiment," where it currently maps in Shipstation). An order that is picked up is meant to be "completed" rather than "shipped." To support a will call program, I need to be able to identify those orders and jump them to the top of the queue in shipstation so they can be packed and ready for pickup at almost any time.

    4) BigCommerce now lets us rename order statuses, which I am interested in doing. In particular, I want to change "completed" to "delivered" as you may infer from above.

  • Zack commented  · 

    I would expand this idea a bit further.

    Other stores besides BigC that allow for custom statuses - SS lets them do custom routing for which status goes where.

    All I want is for SS to allow status routing for BigC as well, even though it doesn't have custom statuses.

    A relatively new feature of BigC (late 2017 ish) is to allow merchants to rename a status to something else. So "Awaiting Fulfillment" could be renamed to "Order Assembly" for example.

    The ability to rename a status is not unlike getting a custom status, we may want to route these differently. For example, "Declined" is a status we never use in BigC, our orders are either cancelled or refunded, never really Declined. So we can rename Declined to "Out for Customization" or something. But in SS, this will still be routing to the Cancelled status, which we don't want!

    Bottom line, SS needs to allow us to do some custom routing of statuses, just like any other store that allows for custom routing.

    AND/OR, maybe it could allow for an automation. If I could simply say "New order is status Declined, move to Awaiting Shipment". Even something that simple would work as a possible solution.

    I might also add that the ability to add custom statuses in BigC is a top recommended feature, they will have to build it some day, hopefully soon, so SS should be ready for custom status mapping for when that day comes.

    I might also add that as of this post, BigC has some statuses which are simply ignored by SS, such as Disputed. SS seems to just ignore this status entirely, which has the effect of orders staying in the Awaiting Shipment status.

    1) Allow for custom routing of BigC statuses.
    2) Include ALL the BigC statuses.
    3) Let marketplace status be something we can base an automation rule on. I don't know why order status is not an option when doing automations. It should be!


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