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Branded Returns Portal problem - 'order not shipped' preventing returns

My customers are seeing 'order not shipped' when they try to return an item through the branded returns portal. Apparently the Branded Returns Portal looks for either a Shipment record or a Fulfillment record in ShipStation in order to determine that a return can be processed using the branded returns page. Since I have Shopify directly connected to FBA (not through ShipStation), ShipStation does not create this record. So I am having to go in and manually mark orders as shipped in order for the branded return portal to work. Not fun... Please consider changing the branded returns portal so it checks the status of the order instead of whether or not there is a shipment/fulfillment record created so I can fully automate my return process.

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April Chester Greenguard USA LLC shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →

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  • Sarah Ford Ranch Road Boost commented  · 

    I'd upvote this but keep getting error message that I've signed into multiple locations. I'm having to use Returnly's very expensive shipping for this one problem.

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