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Groupon Goods - Get orders by "Parent Order ID" and also bring in "Due By" date field

Currently Groupon Goods orders are brought in to ShipStation with the GG-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX order number, which only corresponds to a single line item on an order.
However, Groupon requires vendors to combine shipments based on the parent_order_id field. If you ship separately, Groupon will penalize you with a chargeback for Split Orders.
As it is right now, that means vendors have to manually combine orders going to the same customer, on a daily basis. That becomes a really long and tedious process when there is significant volume of orders.
If ShipStation were to bring in orders using the Parent_Order_ID field, and use the GG- number or the fulfillment_line_item_id field as a reference to the line item, It would save a ton of time and potentially prevent significant chargebacks.

Another Groupon field that would help tremendously if brought in, is "Due By" which is the date Groupon requires vendors to process the shipment for that particular order.
It's currently not possible to set up a rule for that using the ShipStation "Ship-By" field, as that only allows you to set the "Ship-By" date based on Order Date + X number of days (not business days), and on top of that, Groupon has an order cutoff time that can't be used with this rule.

Please add votes to this if you'd like to see this implemented, and definitely comment if there are additional fields you would like to have brought in, or if there are any tweaks to this feedback you want to suggest.

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    Automatically combine Groupon Parent Order's to ensure less chargebacks to Groupon Sellers.

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