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Allow for automation rules to work on multiple item orders

Need the ability for the automation rules to see multiple item orders. So you can create logic that IF it includes this SKU and also this SKU it will process these rules. This should be able to be done for as many items in the order.

The current automation rules do not work well if you have multiple skus that get sold together in a shopping cart.

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Jared Croslow Gungho Marketing, Inc. shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Pmaine commented  · 

    Definitely agree with this needing to be a top priority. It results in a lot of shipping errors not having the correct tags applied to multiple item orders.

  • TaliLaifer commented  · 

    We would like this fixed as well, as our goal with automation rule logic is to carve out orders with certain SKUs. But this breaks as soon as the order contains more than one item.

    One workaround we found is to tag the products (and by that token, the order) that you want to include/exclude from a rule and look for the tag. But this introduces WAY more order tags than necessary especially if your inventory is sizeable.

  • l_parkhurst commented  · 

    Would really appreciate this functionality as well. I have automation filters that are supposed to go in effect "if item sku contains" but if the item sku in shipstation reads "multiple items" it doesn't get filtered.

  • Michael Agosta Catalyst Mints commented  · 

    Basic feature that you would think would be included in this software. Automation rules that can't check if an order contains an item SKU or item name is ridiculous.

  • Nick Drake Labor Law Compliance Center commented  · 

    This is a big issue in our workflow. We like to base a lot of our shipping decisions on what SKUs have been ordered and for some reason shipstation doesn't iterate over ever item ordered when using automations with criteria that specify a SKU.
    For example: If I create an automation based off of a SKU, say "Item SKU contains abcd"
    the automation will only trigger if the first item ordered contains 'abcd' in the SKU. If someone orders 2 items and the second item contains the SKU 'abcd', the automation won't even fire. This really seems like a coding error, as in, the developers simply didn't think of this use case when coding the shipstation application. Development oversights like this could easily push bigger small businesses to another shipping solution

  • NataliaR commented  · 

    We were hoping to utilize automations to put orders on hold that contain certain keywords within the item names. Having multi-item orders included would make things much easier since we currently have to manually place them on hold as they are not affected by our automation rule.

  • susan.liu commented  · 

    I agree. This would help streamline a lot of orders that we have to create many rules for.

  • Dylan Kirkup 401 Games commented  · 

    Please listen to this request, long term it would be very useful to be able to have Item Name and Sky filters that work regardless of number of items in the cart. Much appreciated!

  • AdminShipStation (Product Owner, ShipStation) commented  · 

    My apologies Jared, I just ran a test and you're correct, it doesn't appear that the logic is set up that way. I'm going to leave this open to collect votes so that it can gain traction with the product team. Please keep an eye out here for any updates on progress.

  • Jared Croslow Gungho Marketing, Inc. commented  · 

    Are you sure this works? This is exactly how I've set them up and they never process correctly.

    For example an order will have multiple line items. One line per SKU.

    I put Item SKU Equals XXXX and then add a second criteria Item SKU Equals XXXX

    and this never processes correctly. Please confirm.

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