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"Your Packaging": lots of package types but no good way to assign them

We use lots of different packaging for our products: polys, bubbles, and boxes each with their own sizes. Since we deal with so many products it is hard for our shippers to keep track of which type of packaging to use for a some products. Currently, ShipStation allows "Your Packaging" to be set for each product as the default packaging--exactly what we want. However, this is only available by going to each product individually in the user interface and setting it manually. Add in that we have 4000 different products that we ship regularly and you begin to see our dilemma. It would be nice for ShipStation to allow a package-type column in product uploads. I think this is probably the best solution for the most people. Alternatively, the capability to set the default product packaging to a "Your Packaging" type via API could be implemented (currently the API only supports package types associated with a given service).

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