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Highlighting "Other Forms" to be printed when printing labels

When I ship internationally, most of the forms I need are printed in label format. However, sometimes, when shipping internationally, I need to print a commercial invoice or other additional forms in order for a shipment to clear customs without any issues. Those forms are automatically generated when labels are generated. Because I normally print labels in batches, it's not obvious that those forms need to be printed and sometimes I forget to print them in the rush of remembering the billion other things that need to be remembered when processing an order.

When the labels are generated, there is a button in that window that says "Other Documents". The forms that I need are generally listed in the submenu. If there are any, a number appears next to the "Other Forms" listing and I can actually click on it to get to the order to print the pertinent forms.

What I would like would be that the "Other Documents" button is highlighted or changed in color or something to tell me I ought to check this and print any forms, but only when "Other Forms" shows a number.

I've attached images of a relatively recent batch that has this situation.

Thank you for your help,
Kristine Anderson

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