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Looking for QR code support. We currently add the clunky old barcodes to our packing slips and would be able to work much faster and more efficiently with QR. PLEASE!!

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hellomerch shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • mwillis commented  · 

    You can use a QR code right now if you don't mind editing your packing slip HTML template. Instead of just including the barcode, make an <img> tag that references a QR-image-generating endpoint (with the order ID, or whatever, as the data. So wherever you're currently referencing


    try something like

    <img src="[Order ID]">

    That example uses one particular QR code API server but there are others you could swap in if you wanted. If this seems to technical or the layout isn't right, I'd recommend finding somebody with HTML/CSS experience to play around with your slip. (And make sure to try this on a duplicate slip - don't alter your current slip, just make a copy, adjust, test, and then switch the copy to be the active version your store uses!)

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