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Option to assign which tray to use while printing through Shipstation.

We print both labels and receipts on the same printer.

Tray1 holds our regular printing paper and the MP tray holds our labels.
The default tray system wide is Tray1.

Can we have an option where we designate which tray is to be used while printing through Shipstation so we do not have to keep switching labels and regular paper in tray1 ?

Thank you.

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John Eijlers shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Jon Richings Blackfriars Ironworks commented  · 

    Anne O has a clever workaround to setup two instances of the printer each defaulting to a different paper tray. (Thanks Anne!) It works just fine, but it was a big hassle to setup. It would be SO much nicer to have the choice built into SS.

  • Christopher Newman Shawbury Vintners commented  · 

    I really think multi tray printing could solve a lot of the many issues that persist with individuals printing problems.
    E.g. A two tray printer has integrated labels in tray one - plain paper in tray 2.
    The Create label button triggers three printing jobs.. Label, Packing Slip, Picking List
    Using these two papers gives a shipping label + packing slip across two pages Half on the integrated label page and continues on plain paper followed by a picking list. All nicely collated 1,2,3

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