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Display Less Items in Orders

This somewhat links to an idea I just opened.

You guys need to offer functionality to reduce items on the page to like 10, 25 or 50 in orders.

So we are effectively printing smaller batches.

I want to keep a better eye out on printed labels.

It is too cumbersome when we have 100 unshipped labels in orders and I either have to select all labels I want to print, or have to 'select all' and deselect labels I don't want to print.

There should simply be more functionality that that.

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joesager shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
AdminShipStation (Product Owner, ShipStation) responded  · 

Hi! So you want to be able to have less than 100 orders on a page at a time? As in, make it so that you can have only 10 orders display per page by default, without the need for tags or filtering views?

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  • joesager commented  · 

    Yes 10 or 25 would be an improvement. I feel more comfortable printing 25 or less, as you guys haven't been able to identify why labels don't print sometimes even when it says the job was successful.

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