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Page Numbers for Multi Page Packing Slips

Many of our orders are longer than one page when the packing slips are printed. We use the packing slips as pick slips and they are the "center of truth" for the order as it is being processed in our warehouse.

We are looking for the ability to print page numbers on our packing slips (ideally for multiple page orders). We would want the first page of an order to have a 1, the second to have a 2, and so on until the specific order is completely printed. Then on the next order, the first page will be numbered 1 and so on.

This would save time from manually writing page numbers of the orders, and makes sure that the entire paperwork for an order is there before we ship it.

I would think that this could be done easily through customizing the packing slip template (something like [Order Page Number] maybe?).

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