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Dynamic coupon code on custom packing slips

We currently put coupon codes on our packing slips, but to offer a TRULY juicy coupon we would need dynamic coupon codes that allow us to upload a list and have them inserted into the packing slip.

When doing this currently with Amazon orders we have to use a "group" coupon code, which means a customer can share the code to their friends, which is why we have to be careful not to offer a deal that's TOO good.

But if we had the ability to upload a list (usually text file or csv) of coupon codes that are set to one time use, that would allow us to offer our best deals since we no longer have to worry about the codes being shared.

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Stephanie shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →

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  • citibikestore-dev commented  · 

    I want this feature too! We do this manually with redemption codes for memberships that are shipped in nice gift boxes but then have to manually record the code. Being able to upload them and have Shipstation auto-assign would be amazing.

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