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Shipment Auditing

Create a way to allow us to "Audit" our shipping carriers (UPS, FedEx) by allowing us to input our carrier agreements, monitor the shipping costs billed, etc.

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MainPerformancePC shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
AdminShipStation (Product Owner, ShipStation) responded  · 

Hi! And just to help our product team get a better idea of the idea you’re suggesting, how would you like to see this implemented?

What all information specifically would you like to be able to view on this?

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  • MainPerformancePC commented  · 

    I suppose I have time to sit and do this ;-)

    So we pay for services that automatically check our UPS/FedEx accounts for Late Packages, etc - automatically requesting refunds, but charging us a percentage of those refunds. We dont like that - they are our refunds, and we should get them 100%. I know that sounds a bit picky, but we're trying to make money here. If we could do this through SS automatically, that would be a freaking life saver!

    Aside from this, we'd like to match up what the customer ACTUALLY paid for shipping per tracking number vs. what we actually charged them. To do this, we'd need SS to connect to UPS/FedEx Billing, pull our monthly or weekly invoices, and create a report that shows where we lost money, where we made money, and where we did it right. This tool would then allow us to adjust our shipping settings within our marketplaces to provide better service to our customers, but also make sure we're making the correct margins.

    It could also help us with disputing our bills against the carriers for adjustments in billing charges.

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