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Lock packer to "Ship From" location

We would like to lock packers via admin setting to a warehouse location so that packer will not have to constantly use a drop down menu on order detail page to choose his location.

This feature should be beneficial to any SS user where there is more than 1 warehouse.

I.e. David the packer is located in NY, so upon creation of his account by admin we will choose a default warehouse for David - Warehouse NY.

Then anytime David will be logged into the system "Ship From" location will be preselected and locked for David.

If David moves to CA then all admin has to do is change the default warehouse location for David.

Alternatively, SS may provide as an option to SS admins to enable an option for admins to choose default warehouse.

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Alex shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Steven Abt Caskers, LLC commented  · 

    You can assign shipment to specific user and assign specific Ship From location with automation but when this user (packer) processes the package, nothing prevents him to change Ship From location and/or see other Ship From locations.

    Packer should be limited in a way that he can not under any circumstances change Ship From location or even see other Ship From locations.

  • Arlan Hooley Clean Machine Mailing commented  · 

    If I understand right the automation rule only runs when the order is first imported. Does the Ship From Location even have a value at that time? What I really need is a way for it to automatically assign a Ship From Location to the order at the time when I assign it to a user.

  • AdminShipStation (Product Owner, ShipStation) commented  · 

    Hi @everyone!

    Have you tried creating an automation rule based on Ship From Location equals (blank) that Assigns To User (blank)?

    If this does not work for you, what obstacles have you seen in doing this and what exactly beyond this option would you like to see added to ShipStation?

  • Arlan Hooley Clean Machine Mailing commented  · 

    Yes I need this feature too! My guy at my fulfillment warehouse sometimes forgets to change the "ship from" address each time he ships something.

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