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Add Speedee Delivery as a shipping option

Please add Speedee Delivery as a shipping integration! All of our shipping is equally between UPS, Speedee, and USPS.

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Anna Petersen Petersen Parts LLC shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
under review  ·  AdminShipStation (Product Owner, ShipStation) responded  · 

Thanks for bringing this up! If you know any other users that are interested please send them here!

As developing a seamless integration typically requires cooperation from both parties, we recommend reaching out to SpeeDee Delivery and expressing your interest in an integration to help expedite this process.


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  • Kenny Larsen LARSEN LIGHTS LLC commented  · 

    Also a go for speedee..

    Below a note I wrote to support, if you can not integrate speedee, maybe below ideas will make it easier for all of us...

    Also just an idea - I ship with a company called SpeeDee, so I use "Other" in shipping carrier when marking an order as shipped - but there are so many carrier choices - can it be setup to only showing "Other" and also make a setting where we can enter the tracking web page url, so the customer when he gets the tracking email can click on the link - just like with USPS, UPS and Fedex ?

  • Bryan Hills A Rustic Garden commented  · 

    It would be valuable to have Spee-Dee rates show up, so we can have them as an option to ship in the Midwest. Interested in the integration with Spee-Dee for small parcels, not LTL services.

  • JakeBonde commented  · 

    Having Speedee Delivery integrated into ShipStation would eliminate a ton of headaches for us.

  • Andria Pooley-Ebert Ebert Honey LLC commented  · 

    We are desperate to have SpeeDee added to ShipStation. Their rates destroy the competition most of the time in our region.

  • Corey Hyde Custom Apparel Prints commented  · 

    Speedee would be a very valuable addition for us, we would ship a lot of packages through this carrier if we could incorporate it into our current shipstation workflow.

    Please add.

  • bt-admin commented  · 

    We've now added Spee Dee to our workflow, bypassing ShipStation for those orders. It's a pain in the rear. We're now shipping something like 20% of our total orders, and probably something like 90% of our midwest orders, via Spee Dee and outside of ShipStation.

    I am a developer and I wrote a simple integration for our e-commerce system with Spee Dee's web API in an afternoon. It queries with an origin zip, a destination zip, and a weight and returns the shipping cost (and also a zone number which would allow you to look up a transit time in days). Your team would likely need to build a more robust integration, so maybe it would take a few days instead of an afternoon. Seems like a no-brainer.

  • e3artisanc commented  · 

    Please add Speedee. We use it for 1/3 of our shipping volume.

  • bt-admin commented  · 

    Add Spee-Dee please.

  • Zachary Pugh Zax Beeswax commented  · 

    Yes Please Add Speedee! The lack of integration is the only problem I have with Shipstation!

  • e3artisanc commented  · 

    We also use this carrier frequently and have to use external software to process these orders.

  • rose cruse commented  · 

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  • Jeanette Burlingame B and E's Trees commented  · 

    We're in the process of selection a shipping solution and won't be choosing Ship Station because it doesn't integrate with our number one shipper

  • norteno_brandon commented  · 

    SpeeDee is huge for us in the Midwest. Would love to have them added as a carrier.

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