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Country of Origin Documentation

We'd like to generate and print Country of Origin documentation through shipstation for our Canadian customers who purchase products made in the US. That way they can benefit from duty-free clearance under NAFTA.

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Allyson Koss Cuyana shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Robin Szemeti Matrix Amplification Inc. commented  · 

    There is a generic requirement to add free text customs wording for various countries ... eg UK to South Korea, UK to Malaysia, UK to Japan all require specific text adding ... just add a freeform text block that can be added and stored like UPS Worldship does. If you want to be REALLY clever, allow storign different text blocks and tagging them to different countries.

  • Roland Aw Shopville commented  · 

    HI Shipstation, we are also interested in this feature.

    When we do go export and create CSV file, we want to RIP data from product details.
    in Product details, under customs you can choose origin country, we want to pull it into a customs manifest to declare products properly, instead of manually entering it...

  • AdminShipStation (Product Owner, ShipStation) commented  · 

    Hi! There is an existing idea that looks to be wanting the same feature. Would you like me to merge your idea with this existing one so that your votes can be merged together?

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