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Input validation of uploaded brand logo files

The store configuration page doesn't mention anything about the resolution or file type requirements of branded logos (though I found the details after searching Google: ). What's worse, the system will accept and display logo files that don't fit these requirements. I first tried uploading a SVG for better quality, and it successfully saved to the branding page and even rendered the image. However, previewing the tracking page showed the broken image icon. I decided to try a PNG (with transparency), but nothing even showed up. I then tried a JPG, but my resolution was too high, and it still wouldn't show. Then, I searched Google and figured out the problem.

Three possible solutions:
1). List the file format and resolution requirements on the branding page of the store configuration.
2). Display an error when the image doesn't fit the requirements (for goodness sake, don't accept, render, and store the image when it is the wrong size and even an unsupported format!)
3). Expand the number of supported formats and sizes.
4). Implement a conversion script that will accept different formats and sizes but scale/convert the image to the required size automatically.

I'm definitely loving the product so far, but since the system would happily take unsupported filetypes and sizes, I just spent at least an hour wondering why my logo wouldn't show up in previews and printed labels . . .

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