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Dynamic Return Address Modification at the Order Level

Our customers require us to modify the return address on our shipping labels to reflect a company name and address specific to them. This occurs at both the customer and order level where 5 orders from the same customer need to reflect 5 different company names in the return address. It looks like we can accomplish this in an automated fashion via the api, with the create label call, but only as a standalone label call. This will work for some of our products but prevents us from processing shipments manually as they require association to an order and we can't set return address at the order level. All we need is access to the return address info in the create order call. I'm surprised this requirement has not surfaced before, standard in the distributor world.

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David Jolicoeur On Demand Technologies, LLC shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →

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  • Agnieszka Hartman Polybag Planet commented  · 

    I agree, its surprising no one has brought this up before.
    All of our products ship from the same location. However, our clients do not want their clients knowing who we are since we sell wholesale. Therefore, the return address needs to look like its coming from our client. This is easily achieved in UPS and FedEx software / websites.
    You just fill in "ship from" and "ship to". Billing remains the same and you're actually charged based on the pickup location. Estimated rates should be based on a default location (usually same as billing).

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