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Shipstation inventory management multichannel

Great to see the new shipstation inventory management solution!
We were initially excited because it seemed to be able to replace stitchlabs. If shipstation was able to send stock counts to selling channels, it would be amazing! We, along with other stitch users I'm sure, would be happy to pay a higher premium for your services.

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Juan Muci Jet Set Trading Co. shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
under review  ·  AdminShipStation (Product Owner, ShipStation) responded  · 

Thanks for your feedback! We’ll keep this in mind; for now, please leave your votes and comments to help keep this discussion active. Being specific in how this would affect your workflow and how you’re currently doing it will help our product team to implement new features. Please be sure to comment back here so other users can collaborate as well.


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  • ad_dwk commented  · 

    I would like to be able to import into Ship Station our inventory quantity from outside Inventory Management Systems. This would enable us to know from SS if an item is low quantity/out of stock, or if we need to restock the item from our own shelves.

  • Alexander Kunz OP2 Labs commented  · 

    Agree on the inventory management. It would be nice to see Shopify leverage inventory management by Shipstation. I have one warehouse that managed inventory for 3 brands (stores). If I use shopify I have to created duplicate locations for each shopify store in shipstation. I would like to be able to connect SS to shopify and leverage a one or two warehouse/inventory features for all my shopify stores.

  • David Lalumendre HAPARI commented  · 

    This would be extremely helpful for our brand and hoping this has a timeline of getting done soon seeing as we are hoping to use shipstation but wouldn't be able to without this feature.

  • Denise Bandl Adaptive Tech Solutions, LLC commented  · 

    Please make it possible to automatically sync inventory count from BigCommerce to ShipStation. This would keep inventory current instead of requiring us to manually increase the stock count when additional stock is purchased or a customer returns an item. As it stands, the only thing ShipStation does is reduce inventory from a stock amount that is manually put into ShipStation.

  • Denise Bandl Adaptive Tech Solutions, LLC commented  · 

    Ability to sync with BigCommerce would be such a big help. I've got enough to keep up with without having to update inventory in ShipStation and in BC.

  • Corey Welch Trampoline Pro commented  · 

    Being able to push inventory directly from SS to Shopify without having to go through another connection would solve a huge problem for me.

  • mintfulfill commented  · 

    I want to add emphasis to this request that it would set ShipStation apart from it's competitors. We greatly need the option to send inventory numbers from SS to our selling channels. PLEASE MAKE THIS POSSIBLE!!

  • Maria Naylor Mexicali Blues commented  · 

    I'm not sure what the new solution the original poster is referring to, but I want to emphasize how incredible a multi channel solution would be for us! We have multiple locations and when someone orders online, parts of their order usually come from many different locations. Being able to streamline inventory requests at each location would save us a lot of time!

  • Zane Brattan ASANOHA commented  · 

    Ability to sync with some of the most used ecommerce sales channels would be fantastic! (Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce). Thanks

  • Zane Brattan ASANOHA commented  · 

    This would be super helpful! We could track our inventory across multiple platforms and have it update automatically. It would be done in house, so we dont need a whole new third party platform + integration to do one task.

  • Peter Zhao Homechoice International Group commented  · 

    We know shipstation has amazing function on inventory management, but not good enough.

    Presently, it is allowed to set up different locations for our warehouses, which is really great. So you have different qty in different warehouse, and combined to have a total quantity record.

    But question comes, shipstaton can only record and deducted the qty for each order only fulfilled through shipstation, it cannot record the changes on FBA inventory.

    After we chat with shipstation representative, we are noticed that we should only record the inventory which is on our hand. The FBA inventory looks meanless even we put into inventory in shipstation.

    The fact is, shipstation has the function to look into each item's inventory level in FBA if we goes to specific order's detailed page. So we believe shipstation has the power to update FBA whole inventory synchronously.

    Besides, we just want a place or software to help us manage our whole inventory, not only part of it. If shipstation can have FBA inventory record and updated, then we will have a full picture finally.

    Please to have this useful function, and we will be very joyful to work on shipstation.

  • Peter Zhao Homechoice International Group commented  · 

    Yes, we have the same concern. You know we just want to have an inventory management in vone software, not part of it. Shipstation should be a good choice if the function can be optimized. Take an example: every time, we have some product replenished, for example, 1000pcs, and we dispached 500 to FBA, and kept 500 on our own hands. Presently, shipstation only record and deducted the qty for any order fulfilled in shipstation, but FBA

  • DORSAL commented  · 

    i think a simple zapier app that links inventory to shopify would be awesome

  • Brandon Robinson Punch Bunch commented  · 

    Yes PLEASE add this in. We're getting calls from shippingeasy sales reps trying to poach our company because they claim to have this feature built in to their software already. Inventory management is almost useless if the sales channels aren't updated/synchronized with shipstation. We are looking for a solution where only one website/inventory count can be updated and have those updates propagated instead of having to update each channel manually.

  • Jean-Pierre Brunet Le Panier Francais commented  · 

    Hi Shipstation team, you have the framework for this line of business, and missing a large opportunity by not implementing it, based politics ties with your partners.
    Don't forget that most of your partner have this shipping feature, but not as deep and devlopped as your software is, but until when ...
    It'll be great to see Shipstation going towards multi channel, WMS and deeper analytics and forecast tools.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Daniel Najman commented  · 

    To help with inventory planning we would like to see how much stock is in FBA and how much is in our warehouse in one page (the products: Inventory page).

    Please vote so this feature gets added.

    It should be easy, since we can see how much stock is in FBA in individual orders, so SS already has that info.


    ShipsStation #1 fans!

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